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We first began to work in November 2010 as the first magazine specialized in graphic arts in Iran, but entered a new phase after publishing our 11th issue. Talk hopes to be an example of manifested modern journalism at work for today’s art of Iran. It is a combination of image, video, audio and other elements of modern journalism thriving to introduce and promote Iran’s novice artists alongside veterans to domestic, foreign, technical as well as broad audiences. Talk, published every other week, is a pluralistic project aimed at recognizing Iran’s amateur artists and endorsing them apace with professionals.

Talk is published in three languages of Farsi, English and French in PDF and Flash version.
Talk is published in Islamic Republic of Iran and adheres to the country’s media regulations. This magazine has no affiliation with any political establishment, party or group.
Talk is a privately run entity that hopes to operate based on income from advertisement and financial contributions.